I am a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Political Science at Florida State University. I defended my dissertation in August, 2019 under the direction of  Carol S. Weissert along with Charles Barrilleaux and Matthew T. Pietryka.

My research works to identify how institutions interact with information to shape decision making in politics and public policy. I am also interested in the origins and maintenance of institutions, testing their importance using new theories, research design, and data. 

My dissertation examines how different types of information – partisan, policy and media cues – influence vote choice in ballot measure elections. The center piece is a panel experiment as well as new data on media coverage on ballot measure elections. 

Methodologically, I am a quantitative scholar with training in a variety of techniques including survey experiments, multilevel modeling, and Geographic Information Systems.

My research has been published in Social Forces, State Politics & Policy Quarterly, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, and State and Local Government Review

I have taught courses in American Government, Public Policy, State Politics, and Research Methods at Florida State University. I have also served as a teaching assistant for Regression I at the ICPSR Summer Program. 

You can contact me at mju14@my.fsu.edu.


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